MOOC Courses

MOOC is the acronym for "Massive Online Open Courses". These courses are composed primarily of Open Educational Resources (OER) and are designed to be completed through the Internet by anyone without the need of a teacher on the other side.

It is a new educational model that responds to the growing demand for OERs, born in the most prestigious universities in the world. These courses are fruit, on the one hand, of the capacity provided by the Internet, and on the other, of the support by professors, professionals and institutions from both educational and research fields conceiving education and training as a universal right of all citizens and therefore promoting the release and dissemination of knowledge in order to reach a much wider audience.

Professors from the "Departamento de Estructuras y Física de Edificación" (Department of Structures and Building Physics) of the ETSAM-UPM participate in the following MOOC courses